City takes over Pocket Park

Michael Brock

In 2005, Rotary International’s 100th anniversary, the club in Deer Park installed Pocket Park on N. Main St. next to NAPA Auto Parts.

Traditionally, rotarians build parks in cities and towns. And although the Deer Park Rotary Club had completed plenty of other projects around the city, they hadn’t done a park yet.

After putting in a pair of benches, a tree and a plaque commemorating the anniversary, the club has maintained the park for the past 15 years.

“What happens is these rotary clubs get older — and as they get older, arthritis settles in,” member Bob Carroll said. “When that happens, people are less likely to do that kind of physical labor. So we approached the city and asked if they would take over the maintenance of the place.”

City of Deer Park agreed, and have since removed the tree that was held together with a bolt for the past several years. To go in the tree’s place, the local rotary club donated a burning bush to the city.

Read the full story in the December 23 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.