Deer Park Chamber of Commerce continues 'discovery stage' after 2019 revamp

Michael Brock

Danielle Holstine was hired as the executive director of the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce last January.

The chamber is currently in what its executive director calls the "discover stage." A community discussion was held at Five North Coffee + Gifts on Feb. 20 as part of this process. Three local business owners, Semra, Jennifer and Monte, shared their stories and told attendees how their crafts enrich the community.

“We’re really spending some time on that discovery stage as we move into the dream stage of what we want our town to be," Holstine said. "The phrase, "building a remarkable community" is built around the idea of as you drive through your town, what are you remarking about?"

She said that the things we say about the town are what other people will say too. The idea behind the event is to have members share their story in order to determine shared community values.

"We have a choice to live where we live and how we live and we all play a part in that community," Holstine said. "So as much as we put in is what we get out."

They held a similar event in November and there will be another one in March. As for the rest of 2020, the chamber will continue looking for ways to improve services to its members.

"We’re trying to cultivate this relationship that we’re not competing with one another, we’re really trying to thrive," Holstine said. "When each business is succeeding in its own way, it helps our whole city look and feel like more of an entity. And people could come up here more often to do business."