Deer Park city council approves new water tracking software

Michael Brock

The Deer Park city council last month unanimously approved a software service agreement with Ferguson Waterworks in Spokane to install and set up systems to better track the city’s water usage.

“We read meters on a monthly basis now for utility billing, and that’s about all we can do with our system,” said Roger Krieger, Deer Park’s community service director, at the Jan. 20 meeting. “We can go out individually at a site and interrogate a water meter, work with the customer and show them the water use they have had, as far as which day, hour of day.”

In the past, city employees have been able to inform customers of large irrigation system use, but not until the next month.

The new system will read data in increments of every 15 minutes, hourly or daily, depending on how it’s set up. Not only will this help customers save water, it will also help the city remain compliant with water use efficiency guidelines under the state of Washington.

Read the full story in the Feb. 10, 2021 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.