DP city council says no to adding email, Zoom

Michael Brock

At the August 19 teleconference meeting, the Deer Park city council again voted 3-2 against further discussing the potential acquisition of council email addresses and devices to access those emails.

The topic was originally mentioned in an April meeting, but further discussion was voted down. It was brought up again on August 5 by council member Richie Schut.

“Having those sort of devices would allow us to do a lot more communication, especially during the shutdown,” Schut said. "It would be easier to communicate in a lot of ways if we could see each other’s faces."

Several residents have voiced their wishes to email council members, he added, with some expressing they would rather join a video conference platform than calling in to council meetings. “I’m totally against it,” council member Dee Cragun said on the conference call.

Read the full story in the August 26 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.