DP city officials discuss future of Spokane County Sheriff contract

Michael Brock

At the August 5 city council meeting, Deer Park council member Richie Schut said owners of local businesses, including Bicycles by Deron, have had recent issues with thefts and unwelcome people roaming on their property.

“We need to start looking again at law enforcement,” Schut said. “Right now might be a really good time to do that because there are a lot of really qualified and good law enforcement officers that are re-evaluating where they work be- cause they’re not getting support from the community where they are living and working.”

Currently, Deer Park has a contract with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office for one deputy during the day and one at night.

In June, Mayor Tim Verzal—who wants an additional deputy assigned to Deer Park every evening—said he brought up the topic of increased coverage to the undersheriff, but got rejected because the department doesn’t have the people to staff it.

Read the full story in the August 19 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.