Equipped with a new plowing blade, Deer Park maintenance preps for winter

Michael Brock

While it certainly isn’t the strangest thing to happen in 2020, few people would have predicted half a foot of snow on the ground before Halloween this year.

Last Friday it snowed six inches in Deer Park, with icy road conditions causing multiple slide-offs and fender benders in the area. One positive was the chance for the city to test out its new three-section plowing blade that was purchased over the summer.

Brad Wainwright, supervisor of maintenance services for the city of Deer Park, couldn’t say enough positive things about the blade’s first performance.

“It’s super efficient, super easy to run and it moved way more snow than we even figured it would,” he said of the 18-foot universal blade that attaches to the front of a loader.

On Saturday morning, the maintenance staff had the entire city limits done in nine hours.

As long as there isn’t any equipment breakage, Wainwright expects the addition to save the city at least two hours on average per plow.

And they’re hoping to only get faster.

Currently, the city owns a backhoe, a loader, three motor graders and a sidewalk skid steer that employees use to plow.

“We rented another loader for December, January and February,” he said. “So we’ll actually have one more piece of equipment on top of that.”

Wainwright said the quality is also going to improve this year, with the plow working better in the areas it was purchased for.

Read the full story in the October 28 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.