Fire academy coming to Deer Park

Staff Writer

Hundreds of firefighters will train in basic and advanced wildland firefighting skills later this month at an Interagency Wildfire Training Academy in Deer Park. This academy, which will be headquartered at Deer Park High School and run through June 25, is part of a larger coordinated effort that will allow agencies responsible for responding to Washington’s wildfires the opportunity to train together before fighting fire together.
The academy, which was also held in Deer Park last year, is an interagency effort of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, federal agencies, tribal agencies and local fire districts all over Washington.
The academy will offer expert training for beginner, mid-level and senior-level firefighters. Courses focus on how to use firefighting equipment, working in the wildland urban interface, and field training exercises.
This training is one of three Washington Interagency Wildfire Training Academies, which will prepare hundreds of wildland firefighters for the coming season. An academy was held in Yakima last month and another is planned for Rainier from June 20–28 .