Heroes Homestead publishes first edition of magazine

Andrew and Danielle Holstine pose with the first copy of Heroes Journal, a lifestyle magazine for the American family. (Photo courtesy of Heroes Homestead)
Michael Brock

After owning and operating Heroes Homestead in Clayton for the past two and a half years, Andrew and Danielle Holstine have published the first edition of “Heroes Journal.”

The couple opened Heroes Homestead in 2018, a few years after the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recognized Marine Corps veteran Andrew’s claim and diagnosed him with debilitating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, officially retiring him from service.

Since then, the Holstines have hosted events and retreats to help veterans through the fog of their PTSD. But while they have been able to reach many people in the region, there are veterans all over that need help.

“We realized our reach is Eastern Washington, but we have calls and emails that come in from all 50 states,” said Danielle, who added that the idea has been brewing for over a year. “So we thought a journal would just be the tangible way to get into the homes.”

The journal allows veterans to see what Heroes Homestead is all about, even if they aren’t ready to come out to the farm, Andrew added. In addition to giving insights on the medical side and telling other people’s stories, the journal helps give a context to the family’s situation.

Read the full article in the September 23 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.

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