Hidden Stars: Local helps relaunch 'Just Garden' project for low-income families

Photo courtesy of Just Garden
Michael Brock

Editor’s note: This is the fifth of a multi-week series to highlight community members who serve others, but may not get the recognition they deserve. If you would like to nominate someone to be featured, email reporter@dptribune.com.

For those seeking more food security in the Spokane area, Deer Park-based Martee Snyder has a newly relaunched program to help bridge the gap.

Just Garden, an organization that helps build gardens for low-income families based on what they can afford, was started in 2010 by Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed in the Seattle area.

“It was a grassroots created program that did really well for a couple of years until she took some time off to have some babies,” said Snyder who is friends with the founder.

During that time, Snyder met with Seliga-Soulseed, who expressed how close the program was to her heart.

“She really created it to support her community,” Snyder said. “And I love that mission so much that I’ve kept it in the back of my mind.”

After growing up in Deer Park, Snyder recently moved back to town with her husband.

“With the state of the world and the COVID and feeling like we all need a little bit more food security in our lives... I thought this was a great opportunity and time to restart the program for her and do it over here on the East side,” she said.

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