K-12 schools expected to open for in-person instruction this fall

Michael Brock

Washington State Superintendent Chris Reykdal on Thursday answered the question on many educators’, students’ and parents' minds in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: “Will we return to in-person schooling in the fall?”

The short answer is yes… probably.

In the form of a 58-page document, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction unveiled a planning guide for schools in the state to follow. “It is my expectation that schools will open this fall for in-person instruction,” Reykdal said in the release.

“Changing health conditions in a county or region may cause a local health authority or even the Governor to have to reconsider this opportunity to open, but the primary planning of most districts should be a presumption of a fall opening," Reykdal wrote. The Department of Health provided the “regulatory framework when it comes to hygiene, physical distancing, and other public health considerations,” he added.

One of the guidelines requires all students, staff, volunteers and guests to wear cloth face coverings or face shields, unless they have a disability or have health reasons not to. Another calls for schools to develop drop-off and pick-up systems and check for signs of illness for everyone at entry.

Read the full article in the June 17 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.