Local Girl Scout earns Medal of Honor

Michael Brock

It has been nearly a year since Kenadie Hunt and some of her family members were in a car accident south of Deer Park.

Hunt’s grandmother, who was driving, was pinned in the van when a man ran a stop sign on the corner of Monroe/Staley and made contact with the driver’s side.

Kenadie, barely double digits in age, was able to assist her younger brother and sister out of the vehicle, locate her grandmother’s purse and call her father for help. After spending some time in the ICU, her grandmother was able to make a recovery.

A few weeks ago, Hunt was bestowed a Medal of Honor — one of Girl Scouts’ highest awards — for her heroic efforts last May.

“I’m very honored,” Hunt told the Tribune. “I just did what I thought I needed to do, which I didn’t think was that much.”

Read the full story in the March 31, 2021 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.


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