WA state single-use plastic bag ban delayed until end of COVID-19 emergency

Michael Brock

Due to supply issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the new Washington state law prohibiting retailers from issuing single-use plastic bags has been delayed.

Implementation of the law will be shelved until Gov. Jay Inslee terminates the state of emergency related to the pandemic. This was one of 26 emergency proclamations that were extended by the Legislature on Jan. 15 with the passage of Senate Concurrent Resolution 8402.

After the Legislature passed the statewide ban in 2020, the new law was set to go into effect at the start of this year, but was delayed through January by Gov. Inslee due to supply issues caused by the pandemic.

“There is a significant increase in consumer demand for take-out food and groceries, both of which have increased the use of paper and plastic bags, and other alternatives to single-use plastic bags are not available in ample quantities,” reads the Jan. 19 proclamation.

Some manufacturers of reusable plastic bags that comply with the new law have repurposed their factories to make PPE, according to the proclamation, “making it difficult for retail establishments, many of which are essential businesses such as restaurants and grocers, to purchase reusable plastic bags.”

Once the law is in place, retailers will no longer be allowed to issue single-use plastic bags. Consumers will have a choice of bringing their own reusable bags, or paying an 8-cent per bag fee for either recyclable paper or thick, reusable plastic.


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