Reader Interaction

Feelings after latest WSDOT roundabout meeting

Has your feelings about the construction of two roundabouts on U.S. 395 changed after last week's Washington State Department of Transportation meeting? If so, how?

The Donald Trump campaign

What campaign style must Donald Trump adopt to get elected?

Spokane Human Rights Task Force endorsement

What is your reaction to the DP City Council's endorsement of the Spokane County Human Rights Task Force?

Are they really working dogs?

What are your feelings about the increased number of dogs in public places (i.e grocery stores and restaurants) under the guise of them being "working dogs"?

Prisoner escape in Deer Park

What are your feelings of prisoners working at last week's fire academy at Deer Park High School?

Are you a Netflix subscriber?

Are you a Netflix subscriber? If so, what is your favorite show?

WSDOT's roundabout decision

Are you pleased with WSDOT's decision to place a pair of roundabouts on U.S. Highway 395 at Deer Park. If not, why?

Marijuana growing businesses

How concerned are you about the apparent boom in marijuana growing operations in the northern part of Spokane County.

Bully response

Following the Riverside Middle School incident, have you ever, as a parent or student, had to deal with a bullying incident at any of the local schools?

Your feelings on the Mariners

The season is only two weeks old; have you given up on the Mariners.