City gearing up for personal fireworks onslaught

Staff Writer

By Thomas Costigan

The city of Deer Park will deploy a small army of Spokane County Sheriff's deputies tonight to ensure the city's personal fireworks laws are upheld.
In addition to the regular patrol deputy, the city has hired three extra deputies to patrol the city to ensure that all personal fireworks are detonated on private property. The deputies will be assigned to the city for five hours (6-11 p.m.).
Deer Park's regular daytime patrol deputy Dan Dutton said the patrols will look for fireworks violators during the time leading up to the city's public display at 10 p.m. At least two deputies will patrol the high school area in the time leading up to the public display.
Dutton said the deputies will spend most of their time educating personal fireworks violators about the city's regulations. He acknowledged that repeat violators could be subject to a citation.
After the city display, the deputies will turn their attention to traffic control.
The added patrols will cost the city $2,200.