City plans crackdown on illegal fireworks use

Staff Writer

City of Deer Park officials will ask Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies to take a more aggressive stand in enforcing the city’s fireworks laws over the upcoming Fourth of July holiday season.
In recent years, city officials have been bombarded by citizen complaints about the illegal use of fireworks in the days leading up to Fourth of July celebration.
In hopes of tempering those complaints this year, city officials will ask deputies to judiciously write citations for violators.
Added deputies will also be on hand for the city’s municipal fireworks display at the high school on July 4.
Under the current city rules, fireworks can be sold starting on June 28. They, however, can only by set off on private property from 9 a.m-4 p.m. from July 1-4. Violators face up to a $500 fine.
Starting in 2020, the sale of fireworks will be limited to July 3-4 and their discharge limited to July 4.