Deer Park, Riverside levy voters make it to the polls

Staff Writer

By Thomas Costigan
Deer Park Tribune
Spokane County voters in the Deer Park and Riverside School districts were more eager to go to the polls for the Feb. 13 special elections than their brethren in other school districts.
According to statistics supplied by the Spokane County Elections Office, 38.99 percent of eligible voters took part in the Deer Park School District’s maintenance and operations levy election. The number ballooned to 43.64 percent in Riverside, which asked voters to decide the fates of maintenance and operation and capital improvements levies.
The Nine Mile School District had the highest Spokane County turnout at 47.6 percent. The percentage of voters who took part in the various elections countywide was 36.62 percent.
• As for the final election tallies, the Deer Park levy passed 1,685-1,116 while the Riverside M&O levy passed 2,420-1,094 and the capital improvements levy passed 2,418-1,125.