DP residents face various rate hikes

Staff Writer

Deer Park residents and businesses can expect to pay more for some services in 2018.
The biggest increases will be with the water and wastewater rates for residential and commercial customers.
On the water side, the monthly charge for all customers will increase from $26.25 to $26.78. The usage fee of 67 cents per 1,000 gallons after the first 4,000 gallons are used will remain the same.
The monthly wastewater rate will increase from $5.156 to $52.59 for residential customers and will jump from $45.24 to $46.14 for commercial customers.
The water and wastewater rate increases are part of a loan agreement the city secured five years ago to repair the wastewater storage lagoons on east Sixth Street.
For the rest of the story, see the Dec. 27 issue of the Deer Park Tribune.