Local school districts approve fall instruction plans

Michael Brock

School boards for districts in the area have approved plans for returning to school in a few weeks.


Riverside School District will have a four stage plan, beginning the school year at Stage 2. Instruction now starts on September 8 for RSD.

Preschoolers to 5th graders in Stage 2 will be on an A/B rotating in-person schedule, meeting twice per week. In Stage 2, 6th to 12th graders are on an A/B/C/D rotating in-person schedule, meeting face-to-face once per week.

Deer Park

Deer Park School District is giving families two learning options to choose from for this fall:

1. Full online instruction

2. In-person learning delivered in a rotating A/B model, with groups attending school two days one week and three days the next.

The official first day of school for DPSD is September 8, with September 2-4 being days where parents/guardians can meet with teachers and ask questions.

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