Locked and loaded: Nitehawk Paintball holds open games in Ford

Michael Brock

Dale Burbridge, owner of Nitehawk Airsoft and Paintball in Ford, played his first game of paintball in 2004 at a neighbor’s house.

“After the first 15 minutes, I was pretty much hooked for life,” Burbridge said.

From there, his goal was to host monthly games at various locations, including on his mother’s property. Before Burbridge knew it, he had over 100 players showing up and the swelling army of paintballers quickly outgrew smaller sites.

In December of 2005, he purchased the first 26 acres of Nitehawk and two months later held the first paintball game there. After five years of owning the business, Burbridge bought an additional 20 acres.

“We are basically a family-run business and we’re here just to have a fun place to play and grow and be together,” he said. “My ultimate goal is to keep growing the sport.”

Now working at Nitehawk full time, Burbridge said the largest turnouts have been 200 players for airsoft and 300 for paintball.

The property is completely decked out with buildings, obstacles, trenches and even discarded vehicles to form a large playable map.

Read the full story in the January 13, 2021 edition of the Deer Park Tribune.

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