State track medalists

Deer Park's Conner O'Dea (third from right) placed fifth in the javelin.The Deer Park 800-meter relay team (second group from right) of Courtney Stark, Kaitlyn Mataya, Juliia Molina and Sami Avilia placed second.Deer Park's Moriah Duenich (fourth from right) placed third in the 1,600-meter raceThe Lady Stags' 400-meter relay team (second group from left) of Courtney Stark, Julia Molina, Sami Avilia and Kaitlyn Mataya placed seventh.Riverside's Mark Bryant (second from right) finished fourth in the 400 metersThe Stag's Levi Wilson (second from left) placed fourth in the 300-meter hurdlesDeer Park's Cody Bollum (third from left) finished second in the 800 meters while teammate Cody Westerman (far right) placed eighth. Riverside's Tanner Supanchick (second from right) placed seventh.The Lady Stags' Libby Michael (third from right) finished fifth in the 800 metersDeer Park's Julia Molina (far right) placed eighth in the 200 meters.Kyle Graves of Deer Park (third from right) placed seventh in the high jump.The Deer Park 1,600-meter relay team (second group from right) of Cody Westerman, Miles Goodart, Nathan Berglund and Riley Wilson placed fourth.