Three killed in Stevens County plane crash

Investigators from the Federal Aviation Administration and Stevens County Sheriff's Office were on the scene of an airplane crash in southern Stevens County today.
Staff Writer

The Federal Aviation Administration and Stevens County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate the crash of a single-engine airplane in southern Stevens County earlier today that killed three people.
The airplane, a Cessna 172, crashed near the 5000 block of Bittrich-Antler Road about 10:30 a.m. The crash site is about seven miles west of the Deer Park Airport.
The Stevens County Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Manke said his office received a couple of phone calls from neighbors believing an airplane had crashed. A subsequent search uncovered the plane’s wreckage.
A unit from Stevens County Fire District No. 1 was dispatched to ensure the plane crash did not start a fire in the wooded area. The Stevens County Coroner’s Office also helped in the investigation.
It was later determined the airplane belonged to Moody Aviation and the school had used the DP Airport as a training site.
The victims, whose names have been released, were an instructor at Moody Aviation and two students.
Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were expected on the scene tonight to help determine the cause of the crash.