Reader Interaction

Highway 395 safety meeting reaction

What was your take on the U.S. Highway 395 safety meeting on March 1 with Washington State Patrol and Department of Transportation officials?

Facebook deleting marijuana business pages

Facebook has deleted pages created by marijuana businesses in the state even though the business is legal in Washington?. Do you think think this is a good idea?

Swimming fee reinstatement

Should the city of Deer Park reinstitute a fee to use the municipal swimming pool this summer if it means keeping the facility open? If not, how should the city pay for the $100,000 required to keep the pool open?

Should Deer Park create a 'Transportation Benefit District'

The city of Chewelah is looking at establishing a "Transportation Benefit District," which would add $20 to car registration fees with the money going to improve city streets. Should Deer Park establish a similar district to fix its city streets?

Should the city lift its marijuana retail sales ban?

The city currently has a ban on marijuana retail sales businesses. The marijuana sales businesses has created strong revenue streams for other cities in the state. Should Deer Park join those municipalities?

How safe is U.S. Highway 395

How safe is U.S. HIghway and what measures can be taken to make it safer?

Football Season is coming to an end. We want to hear from you.

How far do you expect the Seahawks to go in the playoffs? Tell us what you think.